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Thursday, 12 October 2017 05:00


The Portrait Or Headshot

It’s the single most important marketing tool for a model, actor, because you want to submit that "ONE" photo that makes you stand out from the crowd.  Casting directors, agents, and promoters are critical and first check to see if they are professionally done- and trust us, they know quailty too, they will rate you on your potential face value and expression.  If you are required to submit a headshot to land job or gig, it has to grab their attention in 2 seconds as they breeze through a couple hundred comp cards or profiles, so you want to grab attention quick.. super quick!  We're not a one shot and done photographer, if you want that then go to the chain studios for that, we will work with you on getting some different looks, expressions, and angels that makes a statement and you stand out.

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